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Absolute Black

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Create a sleek, modern look by pairing bold granite with a linear backsplash. Absolute Black is a timeless stone that can adapt to a changing decor.

Typhoon Bordeaux

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Cozy up with a bowl of soup and cider in this kitchen. This granite color ties in the rustic feel of the brick walls and red cabinets with modern, urban appliances. Typhoon Bordeaux creates a warmer kitchen atmosphere.

White Ice

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White Ice provides an understated elegance that can be the main star or supporting role in a kitchen. It is a versatile stone, pair it with modern, dark cabinets or fresh, cool toned cabinets and it looks lovely.

White Springs

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Clean and fresh yet warm and inviting. White Springs has hues of taupe, cream and white that leave a relaxed finish to a kitchen. When paired with a tile backsplash, it adds another layer of color and texture.

Calacatta Classique

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The name speaks for itself. Classique. Classic modern finish to any room with a timeless essence. Bring both modern and elegant together in one look with Calacatta Classique. This stone can accompany both subtle or bold colors and maintain it's own personality.

Sky Mist is a white quartz that will help you achieve that modern look you have been searching for. The stone has delicate powdery grey veins that give it just enough detail.


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Calacatta Nuvo brings you wide, elegant, cascading, grey veins on a beautiful white quartz base. Calacatta Nuvo enhances any interior with a touch of high-end indulgence. This stone offers the look of luxurious natural stone.

Statuary Alps

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Statuary Alps brings you refined and impressive dark veins on a white background. If you are looking for a white quartz with both eloquent and dramatic veining, Statuary Alps is for you.

Pebble is a light grey quartz stone mixed with specs of varying sizes. This countertop will coordinate beautifully with other surfaces in your kitchen. Pebble is a great option for any room in your home.

London Grey

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London Greys translucent surface makes it unique among many other grey quartz variations. An eloquent opaque light grey merges with soft charcoal veins. London grey is perfect for both light or dark kitchens.

Frost White

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Frost White features a blended quartz structure and amazing versatility to suit many styles and interiors spaces. Frost White is a consistent white quartz with a generous amount of speckles throughout.