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You’ve got everything but the kitchen sink. You’ll love our BLANCO line for durability, selection, and design.
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Function meets fashion

Modern. Elegant. Resistant.
BLANCO® products have been around since 1925 and are constant innovators in producing the best sinks possible with beautiful design and function. Blanco sinks come in a wide range of styles and materials, making it easy to choose one that matches the design and aesthetics of the room. This can help enhance the overall look and feel of the space.

We offer sinks in the following materials:
Quartz composite
Stainless steel
Vitreous China

A kitchen sink is only as good as its quality. At Bedrock Quartz, we’ve found BLANCO sinks to be among the best in the business. They’ve been around for nearly a hundred years and have succeeded purely on the quality and durability of their sinks.

Selection: Every kitchen is unique. The same goes for the sink. One size (or type) of sink does not fit all. With BLANCO, you’ll find a wide selection of sinks to fit the needs of your kitchen so you can have the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Design: Most sinks are an industrial affair. They’re made to work first and foremost, with the actual design and feel of them an afterthought at best. BLANCO sinks are the opposite: they’re designed to both work and look good.

A kitchen sink is only as good as its quality.