Protect Your Investment
Bedrock Quartz offers our customers an optional protection plan that covers the following with no deductibles or added service fees. Ever.

5 Year Protection Plan

Protect your investment

In Home Service
Bedrock Quartz stone technicians are on­ time, friendly, and professional, which has earned us over a thousand 5-Star reviews.

Major Countertop Repairs
Your countertops are an investment, and if they ever crack due to natural causes, we will ensure that they are fully repaired or replaced. Joint separation? Yes, we'll repair that too.

Minor Countertop Repairs
Life happens. We get it. And when it does, Bedrock Quartz will come to your home to repair normal wear and tear like chips and pitting. Stains? We'll make every attempt to remove them and repair scratches up to the point that the stone allows.

Other Perks
Loose sink? No problem. We’ll come out and fix that.

Blanco Replacement
Getting a Blanco sink under warranty? If purchased at Bedrock Quartz and it ever cracks, our team will come to your home, remove it, and install a new sink at no cost to you*.

*Some limitations from Blanco apply

The Fine Print
What isn’t covered?*
• Repair or replacement of countertops resulting from misuse
or abuse of any kind, including but not limited to excessive force, heat or stains caused by dyes, etc.
• Countertops damaged by fire or any natural disaster
• Etching or staining with marble countertop repolishing

*The 5-year Hassle-Free Protection Plan is not a warranty. Bedrock Quartz reserves the right to assess any damage to countertops to determine its cause.

Your countertops are an investment

*Must be purchased before the day of installation

Chips Scratches Stains
Coverage for a life well lived.
Protect your investment