Why Marble
Sourced from one of the oldest marble quarries in the world in Italy, our marble countertops give homes a classic feel that granite and quartz just can’t duplicate.
Why Marble

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Why you will like marble

Why you will like marble
When you lay your hands on it, you’ll feel the difference; marble has an elegant air you can’t find anywhere else.

Marble has been used by mankind for over 2,000 years for everything from statues to pillars to whole buildings. It has a history other stone used for countertops just can’t match. Marble has a softer feel that gives a classic touch to any home.

Marble is a classic because it’s been around the block for millenia.

Marble has a softness to it that granite lacks. When you touch it, you’ll immediately feel the difference.

Marble sees more wear and tear than granite or quartz does since it’s not as hard as granite or reinforced with resin binder like quartz. However, this gives it a more authentic feel.

At Bedrock Quartz, we work only with the highest quality marble stone slabs
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