Bedrock Quartz COVID-19 Response

Dear Customer,

At Bedrock Quartz we have been actively monitoring the rapidly changing situations surrounding COVID-19. We are committed to protecting the safety and health of our employees and customers. We ask for your help and cooperation as we work to interact safely. We have developed and implemented the following to ensure our mutual protection.

  1. At each of our locations we have significantly increased cleaning frequency, focus and attention from our professional cleaning staff
  2. Our employees are also cleaning showroom areas several time per day, including door handles and any surface that is commonly touched by employees or customers
  3. We have heightened our communication and protocol for hygiene in the workplace with all employees, both at our locations and as they visit your home
  4. Employees have been reminded to stay at home, and will be required to stay home, if sick

In preparation for Bedrock employees entering your home, we will ask the following questions for our mutual protection:

  1. Is anyone in your home currently sick or quarantined?
  2. Has anyone in your home been in direct contact with anyone with the COVID-19 virus?
  3. Are there any other risks for COVID-19 at your home we should know about (travel, etc.)?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, then we will need to postpone the visit. During our visits to your home, we will follow current CDC protocol of not shaking hands and keeping a 6-foot distance between individuals. Our employees will sanitize their hands and equipment prior to entering your home and once they leave. After your new countertops are installed our team will sanitize the countertop surfaces and any surfaces that were touched as part of the installation process.

We ask that you sanitize any area that the Bedrock employee will need to touch, such as the doors and door handles. For templating where there is an existing countertop, we ask that you completely clean off and sanitize your existing countertops.

We are committed to these steps to ensure the mutual protection of our health. As we work together on these important issues, we are confident we can all remain healthy and well and continue to take care of your countertop needs during this unprecedented time for all of us.

Thank you!

Alan Jorgensen