Granite Countertops in Davis County & Layton, Utah

There’s no denying the beauty and durability with countertops made from natural materials such as granite, marble, onyx, and quartz. Kitchens equipped with such countertops add great value to a home and that highly sought after, high-end look. For these reasons alone, you should consider natural stone when contemplating remodeling your Layton or Davis county countertops with top quality natural materials. Bedrock Quartz is your premiere leader in countertop design and installation, serving Utah residents for over a decade.

What Sets Bedrock Quartz Countertops Apart?

Granite Countertops in Layton, Davis County

Highly Experienced Staff.

From the beginning of a project through the end and after completion, we strive to provide the most courteous service, the best materials and the greatest attention to detail available for your kitchen or bathroom countertop. Our experienced and courteous sales people take pride in their ability to help our customers make decisions and plan for their new granite countertops and decorative surfacing.

Short Lead Times.

Whether you are building a new home or remodeling a existing countertops the in Davis County area, time is of the essence. That is why we make every effort to shorten lead times by using the latest technologies in the fabrication of your customized granite countertops in Layton. In fact, Bedrock Quartz Surfaces offers a turnaround time of 7-9 days, which is one of the shortest times in the countertop industry.

Precise Templating.

Perfect Match CountertopsElectronic templating allows us to accurately measure your kitchen or bathroom cabinets for a more precise fit. That translates into quicker turnaround in manufacturing because we input the data from the template directly into our computerized equipment with our Perfect Match(tm) Technology. Our AutoCAD programmers are highly skilled technicians, who expertly create drawings to run the machinery. Since they understand the details of countertop fabrication,our programmers are able to add extras like bump-outs or custom edges to the countertop as part of the input process.

The Latest Technology.

Once the drawing is complete, it is matched to the material you have selected for your kitchen or bathroom countertop. Again, computer technology assists our technicians in laying out the stone slab for better use of material and optimum aesthetic effect. Once the drawings are sent to the shop, our computerized equipment processes the slabs exactly according to plan.


Bedrock Quartz is a green manufacturer. We filter and recycle 99% of the water used in the fabrication process, which at 100 gallons per minute; is a considerable savings of one of our most precious resources. Our processes have been engineered to be eco-friendly in all phases of the manufacturing process, and we recycle materials whenever possible.

Material Selection.

We use only the finest natural stone and quartz surfacing slabs in the production of your granite countertops in Utah including Layton, Kaysville, Bountiful, and surrounding ares in Davis County, as well as Salt Lake and Utah County. Quartz countertops and surfacing are beautiful and quartz is a nearly maintenance-free material. Natural stone is just that – natural material from Mother Earth, which is elegant in appearance and very durable. Because these materials come directly from the earth, they contain natural imperfections, which often add to their aesthetic appeal. Some natural stones may require the application of a sealer to protect against staining and absorption of liquids. Natural stone comes from all around the world but most of what is used for our Layton Utah countertops is from Brazil and Italy.

Expert Installation.

Because so much care is taken during the manufacture of your kitchen and bathroom granite countertops, installation in your home usually only takes two to three hours. The pieces of the countertop, which have been produced according to the electronic template, are machined to fit precisely on your kitchen cabinets. Our installers are courteous and knowledgeable craftsmen, who take pride in creating beautiful decorative surfaces that your family will love for years to come.

Highly Satisfied Customers.

At Bedrock Quartz, we understand that we are only as good as our last project. Maybe that is why we are so proud of the many customers who refer us to their friends and family. As a family-owned business, we understand the importance of quality, service and attention to detail to add to the success of our enterprise. We are committed to providing you with the best Utah residential countertops and surfaces available.

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